News and information for residents and visitors of East Malling, Kent - Thursday 27th February 2020

Some views of the village

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Saturday 14th March
Beatles Tribute band

Saturday 4th April
East Malling Singers concert

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Man who posted stolen photos on porn sites jailed

Tom Horwood, who posted his victim's address with instructions on visiting her for sex, is jailed.
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Maidstone stabbing: Teen 'looking for fight before fatal attack'

Murder trial witnesses describe seeing the 17-year-old defendant using a knife outside a nightclub.
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Fugitive Charles Lynch jailed for migrant smuggle bid

Charles Lynch had been on the run since 1992 after absconding from Maidstone Prison.
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Men smuggled three Iraqi people into UK in speedboat

The pair were caught hiding a man, woman and child in a secret compartment in a speedboat in Dover.
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Poorest women's life expectancy declines, finds report

"If health has stopped improving, that means society has stopped improving," author of report says.
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Environment Agency chief: Avoid building new homes on flood plains

The head of the Environment Agency says new buildings should be made more resilient to flooding.
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