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Olympic champion Dame Kelly Holmes 'cut herself daily'

Dame Kelly Holmes won gold in the 800m and 1,500m in Athens in 2004, but had suffered with injury.
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Two die, three severely injured in Hawkhurst crash

Two died at the scene and three others were taken to hospital, one with life-threatening injuries.
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Brexit: Jeremy Corbyn urges caution on single market

The Labour leader says staying a member could limit the government's powers to invest in industry.
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G4S immigration centre boss Ben Saunders resigns

The head of a G4S-run immigration removal centre which was the focus of a Panorama investigation resigns.
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Sheerness ship protest: Five arrested after Greenpeace demo

Greenpeace campaigners spent the night on a gantry at Sheerness port in a protest over diesel cars.
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National Trust memberships hit new high of five million

The charity's chairman, Tim Parker, says people go to its sites to escape "busy, noisy" technology.
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