News and information for residents and visitors of East Malling, Kent - Friday 6th December 2019

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General election 2019: Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn in TV debate

The hour-long BBC election debate comes less than a week before voters go to the polls.
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Abused husband: ‘My wife put a knife to my throat.'

A truck driver who suffered domestic violence from his wife has said it should not happen to anyone.
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Channel migrants: 19 men, women and children found on boat

The group of Iranian and Iraqi nationals have been brought to shore and medically-assessed.
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Drones monitor south coast of England for migrant boats

The Home Office is deploying remotely-piloted aircraft to search the English Channel.
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French strikes: How could they affect UK travellers?

Eurostar has cancelled 90 services, while major airlines are also warning of cancellations and delays.
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General election 2019: Your Questions Answered on the environment

What will politicians do about air pollution, airport expansion and the south coast's kelp forests?
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