News and information for residents and visitors of East Malling, Kent - Wednesday 20th February 2019

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HMS Warwick World War Two sinking remembered 75 years on

Sixty-six sailors died when the ship was hit by a torpedo from a Nazi U-boat off Cornwall in 1944.
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Iranian migrant tells of 'miracle' boat rescue in Channel

An Iranian civil engineer says he thought he would die as waves battered a dinghy in the English Channel.
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'Night Watcher': Violent armed burglar still at large

Police widen the scope of their inquiry from seven to 12 home burglaries in the south east.
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Rail firms say pre-paid ticket issue 'now resolved'

Passengers were not able to collect pre-paid tickets from machines across the country.
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Maidstone Prison: Inspection finds 'growing drugs problem'

Fifteen parcels of contraband, including drugs, were thrown over Maidstone Prison's wall in one night.
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'Crossing the Channel by boat is risky - we came by lorry'

Azis and his family were thinking of crossing the Channel in a small boat, but heard horror stories from fellow migrants.
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