News and information for residents and visitors of East Malling, Kent - Tuesday 17th October 2017

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Gillingham ex-navy man gambled veterans charity cash

Gambling addict Andrew Gallie says he feels guilty for not being given a custodial sentence.
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The seaside towns hit by a rising tide of debt

Seaside towns - and the young families living in them - are suffering the worst debt levels.
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Share of European Union staff leaving NHS rises following Brexit

Experts say job security and a fall in the value of the pound are behind the trend.
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Great Storm of 1987 led to baby's home birth

Andrea Pell was born at home in 1987 after her mother could not get to hospital in the Great Storm.
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Boris Johnson takes Czech minister for a paddle

The foreign secretary joined Ivo Sramek in the rowing boat in a break from talks about EU security.
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Hurricane Ophelia: Three people die as storm hits Ireland

Thousands are without power as the remnants of Hurricane Ophelia reaches the British Isles.
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