News and information for residents and visitors of East Malling, Kent - Friday 19th October 2018

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Benny the beluga: Fireworks display on hold for whale's safety

The whale has been swimming in the River Thames off Gravesend since 25 September.
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MPs sign up for £2m of free overseas trips

MPs have accepted more than £2m worth of free travel over the last two years, BBC analysis reveals.
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Banks closures: 13 million people have lost half of local branches

Where have all the branches gone? BBC analysis finds nearly 6,000 local banks have closed since 2010.
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Tunbridge Wells man died after misdiagnosis of sepsis symptoms

Student Tim Mason would not have died from sepsis if he had been correctly diagnosed, a coroner says.
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Gatwick Airport move to increase capacity 'underhand'

Gatwick Airport says up to 15 extra flights could take off each hour by using the emergency runway.
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Sex slave 'passed around England for a decade'

The men who trafficked her poured petrol on her and threatened to set her alight.
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